April 26, 2010

  • You thought I was lapsing again, didn’t you?  Really, I just get busy and it stretches into days of busyness.  I didn’t mean to let it go so long, I even uploaded pictures late last week to blog, but again…The busyness kicked in.

    Yesterday was a wonderful day. It was mild and breezy and sunny.  We took our kites out after lunch and spent two hours flying them.  My kite went so high! (I have the longest kite string). Nature Boy’s went high too…..I got him one of the cheapo plastic kites from the grocery store. My experience is that those cheap kites fly very well…And his sure did!  I used to fly kites a lot as a kid and have good luck with kites.  So much fun!

    I also started sewing up the baby gifts as the shower is on Friday.  I gave up on the burp cloth idea because the Gerber diapers I got were just terrible quality and I didn’t want to put time and effort into a project with cheap quality base fabric, iykwim!  So, instead I made bibs.  Which reminds me….

    JOANN’S NOW SELLS PUL!!!!!! (Yes, it should be shouted from the rooftops so everyone knows!) I am so happy…..I wish they’d carried it sooner, but better late than never.  It is 58″ wide, $10/yard (grab those 50% coupons!) and comes in a variety of pastels, blue, pink, green, aqua, as well as white.  I will say, it is fussy to sew with as it is both sticky and stretchy, but I am very happy with how the bibs came out.

    Today, I am working on baby shoes and I must say, I have one done and it is tooooo cute!!!! Yes, I will have pictures, but they are on the camera and not on the computer yet.

    I do however have pictures of Nature Boy’s squabs.  So exciting!

    Both the parents have been sitting on the nest.


    We took one away and look…..Peeking out from under Mom, a squab!


    Peel Mom away, and…….Squabs!


    I believe I took those pics on Thursday. Yesterday, we peeked at the squabs again and they have doubled in size and have lots of feathers coming in.  I am always amazed at how fast birds grow.


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  • oh god, those things are ugly!

  • So ugly they’re cute!!! I betcha they’re all fluffy with baby feathers now! Yaaayyy, for PUL in so many colors too! Thank goodness I don’t sew stuff or I’d be running out buying me some of that! I still might for slipper bottoms! Although suede or leather might still be a bit better for that but I haven’t seen those in so many different colors!

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