April 27, 2010

  • I have had so much fun sewing the past two days!

    But first of all….It’s snowing! Yup, that’s right.  We have had heavy wet snow coming down since first thing this morning.  As of right now, I’d say we have 5″.  We are due for 6″-12″.  Honestly, I don’t mind…It is pretty and likely our last real snow of the season.  And it won’t be here long….We are forecast to have highs of 69 in just a few days.

    So, I have pictures today.  You remember the fabrics I got for the baby gifts?


    Since I ditched the burp cloth idea, I decided to make bibs and baby shoes.  I got some PUL at Joann’s to back the bibs and for backing pockets I put on the bibs. 


    I found the sweetest ribbon at Joann’s that matched the bibs perfectly.  I ran it along the top of the pockets and used the ribbon for ties.

    I made five coordinating bibs.




    I think they came out very cute and have a sort of “boutique” kind of look to them.  I love the fabrics.

    I also have been working on baby shoes….But I’ll save that for another day.

    I have to say, I am feeling quite relaxed and recharged.  I have had five days off in a row and it has been delicious.  I have had time to sew, enjoy my family, draw, clean, putter…..It’s been nice.  I do at times miss the whole sahm gig as I really enjoy keeping house and home. 

    Oh! Speaking of which!!!! (Not really, but the polar opposite: being a working mom).  We got our commitment letter from our bank for our mortgage!!! Now, we can start house hunting in earnest. (Mind you, we already have a realtor and have driven past a dozen houses or so….)  We hope to be in a new home by late summer.

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  • I love the bibs! Here is an idea for your next ones. . .having velcro makes it all the more easy to fasten on a squirming baby! Who knew?!!. . . until I had grandchildren, and Amanda has all these bibs for Megan with velcro fasteners! Such cute, colorful bibs will be a delight for some sweet child to wear!

  • Those bibs are incredible!!! I love how you did the tops of one is the pocket for another! And the ribbon is gorgeous also! Sometimes a good trim makes the whole thing look just that much better!

    Grats on the house news! I have an ever growing list of things I look for in a house. Like enough electrical outlets in the kitchen (my first house had only one still has only one. LOL) Enough closet space! A good roof. *snicker* But I hear the market is wide open out there! You guys should do great!

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