May 11, 2010

  • Okay, okay….You point out my empty blog and yes, I will fill it. (You know who you are.)

    Today, I will talk about Bento Boxes. 

    Bento Boxes are small lunch boxes that are used in Japan.  I have long been attracted to Bento Boxes, but never had the courage to order one online (because I couldn’t touch it and be sure I liked it).  I certainly had never seen any in stores around here either.  I did one time see some lovely tiffins….But never a bento box.  Until Sunday.

    Sunday, as we were trying to multi-task after church, dh and I ran to Border’s which is only a half block away from church. (NB was still in his Religous Ed class as it gets out 15 minutes after church ends).  We needed to pick up a book for NB for school…But since we were there, I wandered past all the cute little cosmetic cases and pencils cases and laminated fabric bags….If you ever go in Borders, I think you know what I am referring to. 

    I stumbled across…..A bento box.  An inexpensive one at that! I drooled on it a bit, and dh whisked it out of my hands with a “Happy Mother’s Day.”  And so the bento came home with us.

    Here it is.:

    So, it is two oblong containers, one shallow, one deeper with lids.  Then there is a lid that covers it all and a strap to hold it together.
    Here’s a pic to give you an idea of what the containers look like.
    My box doesn’t actually have dividers, so I am using silicone baking cups for dividers.  I even cut one down to custom fit the height of my short box.
    And here is what it looks like all strapped together.
    Paperchase Bento Lunch Box , Happy Noodle Design.
    Now, some folks get all fancy with packing their bentos…But I just pack them for lunch.  They are small lunches, but I find them just the right size for work. 
    Monday, I packed 1.5 hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper, strawberries and some applesauce.  Today, I had carrots and celery sticks with peanutbutter, yogurt, banana chips and one square of chocolate.  Tomorrow, I have packed yogurt, cucumber sticks with vidalia onion dressing and a sunbutter sandwich on raisin bread (quartered so I could fit the bread in the bento.)
    I am quite satisfied with this tidy little box system for my lunches!!!!

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  • What cute little boxes! So glad you updated!

  • so adorable!  and yay! on the healthy lunches.

  • Oh that is just awesome! And you could get them all packed up a day or so in advance if things wouldn’t go mushy on you like the carrots and celery and peanut butter! And yaayy, for updates!

  • I KNEW there was exciting stuff going on in your life! I’m glad you found such a cute little box. Like a small canvas, I imagine it will be fun to plan your lunches around a limited physical dimension. I know my containers influence what I pack in the kids’ lunches, often for the better/more creative.

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