May 26, 2010

  • It’s a bento blog today.  (So, those of you on Facebook may have seen these pics before.) Plus a word about our weather.

    I’ll start with the weather….HOT! Okay, isn’t it May? And isn’t this Vermont? And don’t you think three days of 90 degree temps is a bit much? Well, I sure do.  I am meltingly hot.  The heat just zaps the energy out of me.  Luckily, I am not cranky.  (I think it is true, I think NB and dh would concur.)  Luckily, we are supposed to have some normal temperatures over the weekend. I. Can’t. Wait.

    So, you likely recall my recent bento find.  I must say, I am sooo loving my bento.  It is great for portion control, but honestly, it is just plain fun to pack and have little bits of good food.

    Here’s what I have been packing over the last week or so.

    Strawberries, dried cherries, cous cous salad, snap peas, sliced turkey.

    bento box 001

    Leftover potato salad, snap peas, teddy grahams and sunbutter on cinnamon raisin bread.

    maine 047

    Teddy grahams, snap peas, strawberry yogurt, apple slices, peanut butter and one coconut marshmallow (you are right spinner_mom…so yummy!)

    tuesday bento 001

    Sliced turkey with pepper jack cheese, snap peas, strawberry yogurt, carrot slaw and my HK container with sweet vidalia onion for the slaw.




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  • Yep, those marshmallows are just the right size! I can eat two and be totally satisfied! Lots better than eating a double pack of SnoBall twinkie snack things! I love the way your bento boxes are portioned out! And everything is so very colorful!

  • I hereby call out the blog paradox. Either your life is so interesting you can’t find time to blog, in which case you REALLY need to blog about it, or your life is so mundane that there is nothing worth blogging about, in which case you must have plenty of time for another blog post! Which is it?

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