August 8, 2010

  • Well, since it is the weekend, I bet I can handle two blogs in a row!

    One of our big projects this summer was to finish our kayak trailer before we went camping.  I got the frame last summer at a yard sale for $30.  In the late spring, my dad offered to take the frame and fix the wiring harness, get the tail lights working and to clean, grease and repack the wheel bearings.  About two weeks before camping, I was registering the trailer, getting a trailer hitch put on my car and then we started making the body and kayak frame for the trailer.

    Here’s the before shot.


    Here’s the trailer with the box made and the uprights on which to strap the kayaks.


    Nature Boy wanted the trailer to look “natural” so I let him pick some stain at Lowe’s and he stained most of the pieces himself.  We cheated too, and got one of the stains and polyurethane all-in-one stuff….But it made the process go much faster!

    And here is the trailer packed with camping gear in the bottom and the kayaks on the top.

    july 002

    Not too shabby, eh?  It was actually wonderful as it was easy peasy to load up the kayaks. 

    Now, I had never driven with a trailer before.  And we really only finished the trailer the day before we left for camping, so I had trailer driving baptism by fire.  It went fine, but I can’t back it up very well yet! Luckily, it is light enough that we can unhitch it from the car to move it around!  And I am sure I will get more practice at maneuvering it.

    And speaking of camping, the butterfly on yesterday’s blog was one we saw at our campsite.  We had never seen that kind of butterfly (the campground was about two hours south of where we live, likely it’s too cold up here) before.  It is a Red-spotted purple.

    K…gotta run, lunch is ready.  I’ll try to blog at least once during the week!

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  • Do not cry, because we are destiny, because we are everything that can be above this world. And now, the angel of my life, please let me fly so that I can fulfil the vanity of this world, of this dream, of this nightmare that eternally took you from me.

  • Now that is a wonderful handy dandy trailer! I am in love with the box for the camping gear and then the kayaks on top! Then you’ll have nice roomy room in the car for the trip and not be all squished up with sleeping bags and boxes of camping stuff!

    Thanks for the info on the butterfly. I think I am going to add a boodle more flowers to the garden beds next year and see if we can attract some. It says that they get as far south as central FL so there is hope we will spot one! Yayy!

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