May 16, 2010

  • We had quite the day today.  Just busy….though I even got in a nap.  As a matter of fact, I slept longer than I expected and thus am wide awake now, when I should be making my way to bed.   However, my wakefulness is your gain….I will blog.

    We are nearly done our chicken coop.  I know, I know….you thought it was finished last summer.  But dh built the nesting box bump-out (it is made so you can access the nests from outside the coop) in the winter and at that time we just put in some cardboard boxes for them to lay in.  Today, dh put in 5 gallon buckets for nesting boxes.  He cut off most of the bottom of the buckets and then we laid them on their sides.  The chickens go in the top opening of the bucket and we can reach in through the bottom to get the eggs.  Mind you, this is while the bucket is on its side, so top and bottom are really front end and back end.

    Now, I just have to put some white trim on the coop and it will be done to my satisfaction.

    I also got out the mower and did the first mow down by the coop.  Some of the grass was pushing knee high (amazing how in some places the grass grows so lush) so I had to mow it into submission.

    I have pictures of my lunch for tomorrow.  I am loving the Bento box and enjoy the fun of putting it all together each evening.  It actually makes me think more about what I am eating and I think I make better choices because of that.  Also, because it takes some time to prepare, I make it the night before, so no last minute scrambling in the morning to make my lunch.

    Here’s tomorrow’s lunch.

    baby shoes 008

    In the box that is layered on the bottom of the bento, I have my yogurt (blueberry), a slice of turkey cut in two pieces, and cous cous salad (So, yummy!  From the Hannaford deli, you should try it!). You can see, I have the silicone baking cups to hold the yogurt and cous cous.

    The box that is the top layer has strawberries. (Kinda obvious, I know).

    The boxes go together like this…..Snap the lid on the bottom box.

    baby shoes 009

    It has a groove around the edge so the top box will set nicely on it. Then I snap on its top.

    baby shoes 011

    Next, is the cover. This fits over the top and comes down the sides. There is an elastic band that goes around the whole thing to keep it together.

    baby shoes 012

    And then I have a tidy little bundle waiting in the fridge until morning.

    baby shoes 013

    For those of you who know me, you can see that this totally obsessive way of packing a lunch is right up my alley….little containers, planned food, tidy packaging….Squee!


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  • Awesome lunch! And I just love those little egg baskets in your fridge too! We saw baby chicks at the feed and seed store this weekend and all of the kiddo’s and dh are talking about having chickens now. I told them about your chickens and your coop, because I don’t think they realize how much work is going to have to go into all this chicken raising. Not to mention that the people down the road have chickens that roam the entire neighborhood! So whenever you get a chance could you please blog a little more about the chickens and how hard/easy it is to take care of them, and daily routines that you need to do with them. Maybe just maybe we might end up with some chickens here too. But I’m still a little iffy on it because animals = responsibility, and I have a feeling I am going to end up doing a boodle of the work on this when everyone else gets tired of it.

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