May 17, 2010

  • K…..I know it was weeks ago…But I have pictures of those baby shoes to share.

    You may recall I started them when I was working on the bibs.


    Yes, now you remember!

    And the shoes in progress:



    And finished:

    baby shoes 002

    (How about that picture…That’s when I was about to wrap them and then realized I hadn’t snapped a picture yet!)


    baby shoes 001

    So, they were totally fun to make and I will definitely make them again.  A lot of people squeeed over them at the baby shower.  And I had encouragement to make and sell the bibs and shoes. 

    I do love to sew! And baby things are so much fun to sew…..Luckily, there is another baby due in the fall at work.  I will get a chance to do some more sewing.


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  • Oh they are gorgeous!!!! One day I am going to find time to learn to sew! Some baby is gonna have the cutest little feetsies! Why is all baby stuff so dang cute! (man, oh man, I hate saying cute so much! lol)

  • ooh, really cute! I love how even and nice that ankle seam/elastic area came out. They look great!

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